Terms & Conditions

  1. Neither Little Oaks Party Place nor any of its contractors, officers, employees, or agents shall be liable for any injury, loss, or damage whether direct, indirect, consequential, or otherwise, to any person or property, as a result of any cause whatsoever.
  2. Please ensure you adhere to your booked venue time slot. Please be considerate of the party after yours.
  3. If you run over your time slot booked, or if you wish to book additional hours (only possible if no party booked after yours ) – you will be billed R600 an hour – payable immediately.
  4. A R500 (half-day slot) or R1000(All day & Evening slot) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit must be received with your Booking forms to secure your booking – the balance of venue hire fees due NO LATER than 30 days prior to your booked date.
  5. All venue fees have been calculated on 60 persons for Standard and Mini Parties which are calculated on 30ppl in total. Standard hire additional ppl charged of R40 per head for Standard venue hire & Mini Parties additional charge of R60 per head after that.
  6. Please note: Additional persons must be confirmed and paid for 24 hours BEFORE the party date. Please be 100% sure of the number of guests you are expecting as NO REFUNDS WILL BE ENTERTAINED.
  7. If full payment is not received within 30 days prior to the party, we reserve the right to cancel your booking
  8. Cancellations made 30 days prior to the party date will receive 50% of their booking fees back ( less non-refundable deposit), after that 100% cancellation will be charged of the booking fee.
  9. If for whatever reason, your party needs to be postponed: if we are able to assist with another date within the same month there will be no extra charge, however, a request to move a postponed party to another month will be treated as a new booking & full booking fees will be applied.
  10. Alcohol and soft drinks (including juice & water) can be purchased from the cash bar; NO one is permitted to bring their own alcohol or soft drinks (including juice ) onto the property. No SLUSHY MACHINES are permitted either. We reserve the right to escort any person caught with their own Alcohol or soft drinks from the premises.
  11. Anyone who behaves in a disorderly manner will also be asked to leave. Keep in mind that this is a family-friendly venue.
  12. The braai areas are available next to the bar. There will be no open fires allowed on the venue.
  13. No adults are allowed on any of the equipment.
  14. You will be held accountable for any items removed from the property.
  15. Having an outside venue is loads of fun, but there is always the possibility of rain. The patio area is big enough as well as a large hall for everyone to take cover should it rain. We cannot be held responsible for the weather and no refunds or postponements for these reasons will be entertained.
  16. The children’s party area will be decorated in the colour scheme as per your completed booking form. Please keep in mind that any decorations/tablecloths supplied by the venue are NOT to be handled or removed from the venue. All decorations/tablecloths remain the property of Little Oaks Party Place.
  17. Any damage caused to tablecloths due to neglect will be charged for.
  18. Seating is provided for 32 children and 96 adults. If additional seating is required, it will be at the party organizer’s cost.
  19. Should you encounter any problems during your party, please report it to the manager. No refunds can be expected for problems that could have been dealt with during the party.
  20. We reserve the right to charge you for any playground equipment, windows, or other property that is broken or damaged due to rough play or neglect.
  21. You remain responsible for your guests and their behaviour, and hence will be held accountable.
  22. Please do not flush any foreign objects into the toilets. We have a septic tank system and this will cause a blockage. Please use the bins provided.
  23. Little Oaks Party Place reserves the rights to the property and any person who fails to comply with the above rules & regulations can be asked to leave the premises and legal steps might be taken against them.
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